Student support and supervision

Student support

From the time you apply to Cégep à distance until you receive your diploma, you will have access to professional services.

Before you register, a qualified team:

  • Provides information about the courses and programs available to you.
  • Offers advice regarding your choice of courses if you wish to register for a program.
  • Analyzes your learning path if you wish to register for a program.
  • Offers information about other available services.

After your registration is confirmed, we will continue to support you throughout your learning by:

  • Assigning you a tutor to guide you through your courses.
  • Recommending tools that will help you manage your studies more efficiently.
  • Providing advice on effective work habits that reflect your particular situation as well as the specific demands of distance learning.
  • Providing personalized support for students with conditional admission.
  • Helping you plan upcoming semesters (choosing courses, updating your educational plans, etc.) if you are enrolled in a program.
  • Helping you to deal with unforeseen events that could hinder your educational success.
  • Referring you to online educational and career orientation resources.

Your Tutor:

  • Welcomes you.
  • Answers your questions pertaining to course materials within two business days by telephone or e-mail.
  • Corrects and provides comments on your assignments.
  • May help you prepare for the final exam.
  • Corrects your final exam.