Quiz 2

Do I have what it takes to succeed at distance education?

While distance education offers many advantages, it also requires motivation, perseverance, autonomy, discipline, and organization! But distance education can also help you develop these characteristics, along with the ability to summarize and good writing skills. This quiz asks five questions that will help you figure out whether distance education corresponds to your learning style.

  1. Are you self-motivating?

    In distance education, motivation is the number-one success factor. “What is motivating me to take this course?” You need to know the answer to this question and you need to hold on to it when things get tough. Along with motivation, you need self-discipline, a good work method, and careful time planning.

  2. Can you manage your priorities?

    You have to set aside time to study when it is convenient for you, of course, but you have to make sure it is enough time to meet your course requirements. This means managing your priorities and your time. Being organized allows you to be more productive and efficient during your study periods, and it also lets you take full advantage of your time off. That improves your concentration, motivation, and, by extension, your chances of success!

  3. Do you have the capacity to learn on your own?

    Distance education demands a lot of independence, because you bear the full responsibility for your education. You need to be able to approach the learning experience alone and manage your pace, counting on yourself as your main ally. If you are faced with a problem, being independent does not mean you are alone. You have to react immediately and turn to one of the Cégep à distance resource-people available to you.

  4. Can you set and maintain a steady work pace?

    In distance education, consistency is a good marker for perseverance. As the old saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” According to our statistics, the students who maintain cruising speed are the most likely to succeed. When you sign up for a Cégep à distance course, you have to be ready to settle down to work as soon as your course materials arrive and maintain your pace until you finish.

  5. Do you like to have reliable support for your studies?

    Even though the primary responsibility for your success lies with you, you can always count on us. We make every effort to make your learning experience smooth and enjoyable, with quality learning materials and personalized support services. Our entire team is here to help you if you encounter difficulties.

Now you know a little more about the success factors for distance education. This kind of studying is not necessarily for everyone, but if you think you might be the kind of person who learns well independently, distance education can be a great option!


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