Prix de la ministre awarded to Cégep à distance and its contributors!

FN_Direction_prix_du_ministre_2015-2016_38pctFrom left to right, Catherine Lebel, coordinator of the Cégep à distance Design and Production Service, Jean-François Desgroseillers, sustainable development advisor at Montréal Polytechnique, Michel Vervais, academic advisor at Cégep à distance, France Devin, professor at Cégep de Chicoutimi, and Stéphane Godbout, director general, Collège de Rosemont. (photo: François Nadeau)


Montréal, May 27, 2016 – Michel Vervais, an academic advisor at Cégep à distance, was one of the educators honoured at the Prix de la ministre ceremony on May 20. He and his collaborators received the “distance education course” award in the “Teaching Materials” category for the course Initiation à la science politique.

Five criteria are evaluated for the awards: pedagogical organization, content and editing, language quality, inclusive approach and gender equality. The course developed by Michel Vervais and his content experts – Jean-François Desgroseillers, a sustainable development advisor at Montréal Polytechnique, and France Devin, a professor at Cégep de Chicoutimi – was noted for the visual quality of the electronic and print versions and the originality and diversity of the information sources used. The course is designed to allow every student to acquire concepts and knowledge related to the field at the pace that suits them best. The character of the virtual guide who accompanies the students throughout the online course also attracted the interest of the selection committee.

“I was extremely fortunate to be able to work on this project with content experts who are as devoted to the students as they are to their discipline. I am really proud of what we accomplished. I especially want to thank my program manager, Élaine Charette, for her support and involvement in this project. My thanks also to Alexandra Soyeux, the project editor, and to the entire Cégep à distance production team, who contributed to the success of the course and without whom we could not have won this award,” declared Michel Vervais.

Initiation à la science politique is offered as part of the Social Science program. It provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of political science. Students who take it learn to develop their critical thinking with the goal of becoming informed and responsible citizens.

The Prix de la ministre awards applaud the work of people who introduce innovations in teaching methods and materials. Since 1978, they have rewarded the quality of materials produced in French for the success of college and university undergraduate students.

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